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Hollister $10,000 sweepstakes

Most of what I post lately is stupid perks links. This is no different. If you want to participate in this sweepstakes click the link. Maybe I’ll post more later, but no promises.


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Computer problems

So my screen for my computer broke a while back and so I decided to cash in on the warranty which is due to expire in like a week. But it seems that my computer is too old to order parts, so they might have to junk it. Which means I lose literally everything on the computer unless I pay $100 to get it backed up and transferred. Remind me why I went to Best Buy?

Personal recommendation: Don’t go to Geek Squad unless you never want to see your computer again.

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So today was my first day of Senior year of highschool, and I must say that this will probably be the most boring year yet. I have like mostly English classes, really the only redeeming classes are AP Chem, and my chorus class. So, yeah other than that the past week has not been very inventive. Pottermore has yet to update its dueling thing, and book two isn’t out yet and probably won’t be until October when the site opens to the public.

Oh the other thing that school means, is that I don’t get to update this very much so the best you’re going to get is probably maybe once a month. Maybe one or two more when I have some free time. If you want anything specific answer or something comment here and I’ll do a answering post this Saturday.

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My Week

So this week has been a little hectic, from the power outages to Pottermore, and getting ready for school to start. I have been very busy. As of right now I am working on a short story I guess, for a contest that I found online. The parameters of the contest are: It has to be under 1500 words, and it has to involve some one finding something magical and it either gives them or has magical powers. This contest can be found at this site: and you can get more information from there. I am currently 366 words in and I already have a good idea of where to go with it.

But there’s actually doing something with it and wanting to do something with it. So I should stop writing this, and go write that. But first: I have to figure out how to fix this picture that I want for the Cover Pic. because if I don’t, I’m going to go insane. If you all can’t tell by now, I’m not good with computers, they are complicated, they give me headaches, and they all seem to hate me. So this may take a while *sighs*. If I had money I would hire someone to do all of the techy stuff for me, but I don’t have money. So I can’t hire someone, currently my friend is taking pitty on me and doing it for me… got to love having friends. Well anyway, I need to finish this, and go to sleep because it’s 5am and I haven’t slept yet.

Also, when I post the short story I’ll pop a link up here, or on my wordpress, or maybe even on my tumblr. I’ll also tell you if I win or not, (may or may not be likely). I suggest if you wanna participate or help vote you get an account, and vote or write! It’s fun, I promise. Other than that, I just learned how to use photobucket! Woo Hoo.

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Okay so I haven’t had power for over 24 hours and I just got it back 2 hours ago. So that’s why there hasn’t been much activity on here. But I am fine, and I’m glad that it was only the power that I lost. There are bridges down near me, and places that are flooded, I just hope the people who lost their homes find shelter, and that they get help.

Unfortunately, I am far to young to do anything to help though, because I: A.) don’t have a car, B.) don’t have money, and C.) don’t have anything worth donating. I wish I could, and if anyone finds anything that I could do to help, comment and let me know. Other than that, I hope that people are okay. Good luck!

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So I haven’t been updating this as frequently as I used to… Why you ask? Because I have been really busy, and my computer decided that I needed a new version of flash that IE 8 didn’t support. So in short, I’ve had to download a new browser, and the new flash, and learn how to use both… So yeah, it’s been an eventful week. I also, went swimming, though that didn’t last long because it was freezing in the pool, and I don’t like cold things. I am a summer girl, who prefers the 90 degree days as opposed to the 60 degree days of fall or below.

Other than that, I’ve been writing, and failing at writing and then deciding that my friend should just rewrite basically everything and then we can become co-writers. Which would be awesome!  That way we could both get paid for it (assuming anyone bought it), and we could both have claim to the money, but that would require a book first so… that has to happen, which means I need to stop writing this and maybe write that.

But I have also been reading a ton of books, so those have to make it onto here as well. So I am going to direct you to my Goodreads: there you will find my profile, and a link to my currently reading shelf… which should be self explanatory but if it’s not, you can find all of the books I’m currently reading on there. And I’ll cross post the reviews once I’m finished with the books. Alright that’s all I’ve got right now so get back to you later!!

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Our typical tuesday

Hey so I just finished up an awesome day with some of my awesome friends. We rolled coins and played Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and Rummy. The result was me losing both games…. and us making a really weird video for my friend’s vlog which can be found at the link below. I would recommend looking for the video I don’t exactly know when it will be posted but I think it should be posted by either today or thursday. This was a fun day of relaxing during my crazy Camp Nanowrimo and editting thing. Maybe I’ll get something done later, but as of right now I’m in a relaxing kind of mood.

Well that’s all I got for now… check back later for more

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