About Site

Hi guys,

I have decided to start adding website reviews and new perk links. I promise none of this will be spam. Most will get you money off, although some might be give-aways. The standard book reviews will be published still. There might be some writing posts on here as well. All of my info is in About Me, and my top book recommendations are in Amazing Books. I might add a writing projects page with small descriptions of what I’m working on.

Anyway that’s the update enjoy,


Disclaimer 1: I have not been paid for this review. I do not get paid for anything I post.

Disclaimer 2: I do not edit any of my posts. They are all just stream of consciousness kind of things. So if they are worded poorly or if they have typos, that is why. Usually it is because my brain moves faster than my fingers and forms five different versions of the same sentence resulting in a combination of all of them. Sometimes it’s just that I’m tired and/or distracted by the other people who live in my house.


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