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College Essay

I have officially finished my college essay! Yay! Break out the chocolate and other celebratory things! Now all I need to do is submit it, and then I’m officially applied to a college! *happy dances*

Other than that, NaNoWriMo ends later today and I need to work to finish that as well. It will be a very eventful day… But once all of this is over I can finally get to that HUGE “To Read” list that I have acquired. If you would like to see what is on that “To Read” list or if you would like to get one of your books onto the “To Read” list, you can find it here: hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! and a wonderful end to National Novel Writing Month.


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Paradox: The Angels Are Here Status

Paradox: The Angels Are Here (Paradox #1)Paradox: The Angels Are Here by Patti Roberts

Okay I’m only like four pages into it, so I’m in the middle of the preface and I must say that I’m kind of not liking the preface. It seems really disjointed and the writing is awkward. But that could just be me. I loved the very beginning and I’m sure it will get so much better. But right now, it’s just a little weird. Eh not much to do but to read on I suppose. More to come when I’ve finished it.

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NaNoWriMo Day 13

So it’s day 13 of NaNoWriMo and I’m technically supposed to be at 21666 and I am only at 6609, but you know what, I don’t really care because I have a college essay to finish and homework that I have to do. But first I thought I’d see if anyone else was having better luck with NaNoWriMo than I was. Anyone have word counts? Or questions?

haha I love how I’m asking this like I have actual followers, well if I do, and you feel like commenting with your questions or comments about NaNoWriMo and it’s AWESOMENESS! I’ll post a new post with the answers to the questions, and reply to the comments on this post. Also, if you want to read my NaNoWriMo so far, I’m keeping it updated on and the link is here: and you can also ask questions about that, on here too. When I have time to remember what I need to edit on my word count widgets to get them to look all awesome and stuff I’ll post one for this. Maybe one day, I’ll actually do something with them and get them published, but they have to be good enough first.

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