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My goodreads account.

So it was pointed out to me that I didn’t have my goodreads set to public so who ever went to my profile page couldn’t see it. Well now that is fixed so feel free to click on the link and go get book recommendations from me. Yup! so here’s the link: sorry that that wasn’t working before.

You can get book recommendations and follow good authors or get book recommendations from the authors. You can also give book recommendations or you can make your own reviews and have your own book blog or review session…. or whatever. It’s more fun with friends too!

I was not paid for or made to give this advertisement and goodreads is a free site. So if you think this is done because I have to or is one of THOSE blogs, you’re wrong. I’m not trying to sell you anything, though if I were to try and sell you anything it would be this AWESOME glow in the dark nail polish that I’m wearing. It is from Hot Topic and can be found and ordered at and don’t worry about the fact that it says black light, it works in any light and when you turn the light off it actually glows. But it has to be charged kinda… well anyway. I’m getting off topic.



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To Kill a Mocking Bird Review

To Kill a MockingbirdTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I had to read this for school, and I didn’t even really finish it because to be honest. I got really bored with it after a while. And I felt like it just dragged on for FOREVER! And I had like so many other things that I was reading at the time that I read it the first time, and other things to focus on that this didn’t really grab my attention.

I’m not saying it’s horrible and that you shouldn’t read it, but I’m saying for me it was boring and not my style. I can’t read historical fiction either… or MOST realistic fiction. Even though I can write them quite well… I feel like the whole “We have to read books that deal with racism cuz it’s bad” thing is a little old. I mean yes, it is bad, and yes we should reinforce it every so often but after a while most of us tend to get the point…

I feel like people are going to yell at me for saying that but really I don’t mean it isn’t important I just mean that not ALL of us are horrible to people and the world is NOT going to end if we skip a year of racial tolerance reinforcement in English class.

So that is what I think made me not like this book as much. Maybe if I read it again I will like it better but as of right now, it wasn’t my favorite….

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Okay so I’ve been horribly neglecting this… Though I doubt anyone is following it so I don’t think it’ll matter that I post this. But I shall anyway. So lately I have been busy with school work and sleeping, and roleplaying. If I haven’t been working on AP Chem home work, I’ve been sleeping because I’m so exhausted from school and from this cold that I’ve had since last Thursday. I have just now posted on a role-playing site that I’m on for the first time in about three weeks. They must be so annoyed with me, but I just can’t do it that often anymore, I have no idea why I’m so tired.

We haven’t been very active and I think that’s because of school and because of other life stuff, but if you want to go to the site and check it out, the site is on my side bar, it is BV. This is a House of Night role play but we have strayed kind of far from the books. The site is if the link on the side doesn’t work. And the rules and plot are clearly outlined in a board on the forum. If you have questions, comment here, or there’s a way to message an admin, or you could post in the chat box. Anyway, it’s really fun, and some people are posting.

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Twilight Review

Twilight (Twilight, #1)Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Okay so I know you can see how I rated this book, and how it is the lowest star. So you can probably tell that I disliked this book greatly. But I will not be cruel to twilight, because that is just terrible and mean. SO to put it nicely: If you like reading books with a main female character who is completely dependent on their boyfriend, and totally useless, in almost all aspects, and is someone who can’t get a hold of their emotions in anyway shape or form. Then you should read this book.

BUT if you like books with a strong female character, that can fend for herself, knows what she wants, though isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it. Then you should read Tamora Pierce‘s books because all of those things can be found. Along with absolutely ADORABLE guys that are much more worth the book crushes than Edward, Jacob, Sam, and Seth combined. (Though Sam and Seth are really very adorable… And probably the only redeemable characters from this book)

The last thing I will mention is that to me Edward sounds like a mutant mosquito person. For my reasoning behind this post a comment and I will make a blog post on my blog.

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So today was my first day of Senior year of highschool, and I must say that this will probably be the most boring year yet. I have like mostly English classes, really the only redeeming classes are AP Chem, and my chorus class. So, yeah other than that the past week has not been very inventive. Pottermore has yet to update its dueling thing, and book two isn’t out yet and probably won’t be until October when the site opens to the public.

Oh the other thing that school means, is that I don’t get to update this very much so the best you’re going to get is probably maybe once a month. Maybe one or two more when I have some free time. If you want anything specific answer or something comment here and I’ll do a answering post this Saturday.

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My Week

So this week has been a little hectic, from the power outages to Pottermore, and getting ready for school to start. I have been very busy. As of right now I am working on a short story I guess, for a contest that I found online. The parameters of the contest are: It has to be under 1500 words, and it has to involve some one finding something magical and it either gives them or has magical powers. This contest can be found at this site: and you can get more information from there. I am currently 366 words in and I already have a good idea of where to go with it.

But there’s actually doing something with it and wanting to do something with it. So I should stop writing this, and go write that. But first: I have to figure out how to fix this picture that I want for the Cover Pic. because if I don’t, I’m going to go insane. If you all can’t tell by now, I’m not good with computers, they are complicated, they give me headaches, and they all seem to hate me. So this may take a while *sighs*. If I had money I would hire someone to do all of the techy stuff for me, but I don’t have money. So I can’t hire someone, currently my friend is taking pitty on me and doing it for me… got to love having friends. Well anyway, I need to finish this, and go to sleep because it’s 5am and I haven’t slept yet.

Also, when I post the short story I’ll pop a link up here, or on my wordpress, or maybe even on my tumblr. I’ll also tell you if I win or not, (may or may not be likely). I suggest if you wanna participate or help vote you get an account, and vote or write! It’s fun, I promise. Other than that, I just learned how to use photobucket! Woo Hoo.

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