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Cake magnificence

made by my sister and I.

So me and my sister were bored and we decided to bake a cake. Now the baking went really well. Until it decided to completely fall apart. So we tried our best to patch it up with the frosting that we were putting on it. The result? Me making a complete mess, and ending up doing the whole thing by myself. I mananged to piece it back together quite nicely don’t you think?

Well after we had the breaking disaster, we got to frosting the rest of the cake and that’s why it’s such as train wreck because we’ve never frosted a cake before. After we finished making the chocolate cake green, we decided to split up the cake and each decorate a half of the cake. The result is what you see next to this text.
My half is the one that you see with the sign of the Deathly Hallows, the orange pawprint (meant to represent Crookshanks’ paw), and a few other things. So what do you think? Got any pics of cakes that you’ve made yourself? If so I say you post them in the comments if you can, or maybe just make a link to a pic.

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Writing Class

Okay so I went to this writing class at my library, and it was actually very helpful. The author that came to talk to us was Eric Luper, and he actually had some very good tips, including a list of No-Nonsense rules for writing, and awesome writing prompts. He also suggested keeping a journal or a blog of some sort. Oh hey look at this, it’s a blog…. well isn’t that funny. So what was the point of this? I really have no idea again, but if you like to write he did suggest a writer’s camp at Skidmore College in New York, and that he found his agent at a convention in Lake Placid. I thought this would be interesting information for anyone.

I said last time that I was working on a Camp Nanowrimo project, but that’s just one of many, I will code the rest of my word count widgets on my off time when I get the chance. August is definitely my month for finishing Nanowrimo project 2010, and then in November it’s Nanowrimo 2011. I’ll keep you all updated though I don’t know who reads it. For my summaries and other fun stuff, my nanowrimo site is , and my Camp Nanowrimo is Have fun!!

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Camp Nanowrimo

Alright so the goal of Nanowrimo is to write 50,000 words in a month, but this month has 31 days. So I started a week late like I usually do, and I have found that as i continue to do this my total word count goes down… It’s very weird. Anyway what’s the point of this? Nothing really I was just really bored.

I guess I should stop rambling about nothing important. But first I will say this, Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story was really very inspiring and if you need inspiration for anything I suggest that you watch it because I’m sure you will find it interesting regardless of whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not. That is what got me a new burst of inspiration for my Camp Nanowrimo story, which i hope will turn into something more than a stupid project that doesn’t end up going anywhere. If it does end up with some sort of following then I will probably make another post and share where you can find it or something… If you’re interested please say so!! I would love hear it an might just put a sneak peak on this site or my LiveJournal. This project is what the word count if for. I’ll make another one for the other project that I will be finishing in August.

Anyway, to all of you writers out there have fun writing your hearts out!! And I suggest Camp Nanowrimo for August, or actual Nanowrimo for November. Where can those be found? here: or .

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Monster High

Monster High (Monster High #1)Monster High by Lisi Harrison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is about a score of monsters that want desperately to live peacefully in a world of “normies” or normla people like us, (think muggles vs wizards). Some of them think that hiding out will solve all of their problems, but there are others that want normies to be okay with the fact that monsters exist. This book follows Frankie’s struggle to be accepted, and Mellody’s fight to fit in and save the boy she has come to love. Basically it is the perfect highschool drama, mixed with the perfect fantasy.

It is like one of those train wrecks that you can’t look away from and the drama will keep the pages turning faster than your eyes can move. I totally recommend this to anyone who likes the classic monsters and has a secret guilty pleasure in highschool drama cases.

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LiveJournal vs WordPress

So I have a livejournal and a wordpress, and a blogger. I was wondering which one people use more. Please answer the poll! and if you just don’t care, just say so! thanks!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Spoiler Alert)

So that was it… The end to the Harry Potter series had finally come to the movie screen. Does this mean that it’s all over? I think not! We still have Pottermore to look forward to. And the fandom will live on forever. I mean come on, we still have Trekies don’t we? Whose to say the diehard Harry Potter fans won’t still be around like the Trekies, or the Lord of the Rings fans? There’s also the theme park to think of. I’m sure that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

But that has nothing to do with the title of the post now does it. So the movie itself, was amazing. Minus a few differences from the book, and a few glaring character changes. But all in all, I was happy with it. Me and my friends had to have a box of tissues between us so we could use them after we saw the movie. As fans since we were little seeing the end was sort of crushing, because that means something we’ve devoted so much time to, and so many tears and emotions to, is finally over. Finally gone. But I suppose all good things must come to an end.

I must say they executed everything perfectly, the effects were wonderful, the deaths perfectly sad, and McGonagal was THE BEST character out of them all in this movie. So if you are going to see this movie, do not begrude the people who laugh and cry, because to them it is not only a movie but it is the end of a era. The end of a generation’s love.

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Camp Nanowrimo

So the writing competition that I do every November is now offering a new opportunity to do Nanowrimo, just in the summer. This new opportunity is called Camp Nanowrimo. It is being offered in July and August this year, but the July one is already five days in. You can still sign up but I wouldn’t recommend it if you need all of the days to write. Now you’re probably thinking “Why would anyone be so crazy as to do this for three months? Isn’t one enough?”. Well the answer to that is, I am probably partially insane for doing this, but I find it quite fun. It is also really helpful if you are a nerd and feel like getting all of that creativity hiding in you flowing.

The site for this is and it is not as good as regular nanowrimo only because it is brand new. I suggest you wait for August version because they say that the full site will be up and running. And if you have friends who would be interested in it you should totally get them to join! Also if you have any extra cash that you feel like donating, they accept tax deductable donations that will help make the site all that much better.

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