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Book Contest!

So Maggie Stiefvater is doing this contest where she’s giving away some of her books that she wants to get rid of and I really kind of want them, but she’s making us post a link to her blog. So what better place to post than here.

Her blog is and she is the writer of The Wolves of Mercy Falls. I absolutely love that series and I would love to have some of her personal books.


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Tortall and Other Lands Post 1

Tortall and Other Lands by Tamora Pierce, a short story collection

So I just got this book that I’ve been waiting for for a while now and I’m TOTALLY EXCITED TO READ IT! This book is a short story collection by Tamora Pierce about an awesome Universe that she created and the characters in it. My advice however is that before you read it you should read her other books. Now I’m assuming a complete list is needed well here are some websites you could find that on:

If my favorites are The Immortals series, and the Trickster’s couplet. I would suggest at least reading these before you read the new short story collection because there are two stories directly related to those specific series’. Or so it would seem based on the titles and the description, I shall check back once I’ve actually read them.

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Old Kids TV Shows

So my friend and I were bored and she was playing her Yu-Gi-Oh video game and I was watching Pokemon on Boomerang. Of course this led to me going to find my old cards for both of the shows. I have discovered that I liked Yu-Gi-Oh much more than Pokemon because I have about 150 Yu-Gi-Oh cards but I only have like 15 Pokemon cards. So I wonder… How many people like or liked Yu-Gi-Oh over Pokemon?

PS: I’m talking old versions of these tv shows, yes the original versions with only one generation of Pokemon, and when Yu-Gi-Oh wasn’t a GX whatever that is….

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Time Warner Cable

Alright so the All In One package is being annoying, anyone else think so? Here why don’t I get your opinion and see how these poll things work…

Lets see if that works… and now to figure out how to fix the tv

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