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Okay so I have been so outspoken about prom since the first day I heard about it. I absolutely did not want to go at all, but my friends all wanted me to go to prom. So what’s the first thing I do when i find myself in the prom dress section of JC Pennies? I buy a $90 dress, and $15 shoes. Yup I caved so now I have a prom dress but no where to wear it to until May.

So was there a point to me buying it now? No of course there wasn’t, except for the fact that it was on sale and it was only $90 when the original price was $130. And the shoes were a $75 pair that I bought for 15. So to all those who are going to prom or something like that I suggest you buy your dresses and accessories now. Because I guaruntee you that you will be hard pressed to find on when it gets closer to the date of your prom. Jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll actually enjoy myself at Prom but hey, at least I didn’t have to spend $500 like some people would and I got relatively a good dress for it.



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So I forgot about this thing for a while and I finally found it again. And have become entertained by it. So this means I might actually use it so if you feel like following it please do. But as you can tell by the title don’t expect much because I’m not a very interesting person.

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