About Site


This site was created as a way for me to share reviews and articles with my friends for a club we had back in Middle School. Since then it has evolved many times. But it’s mostly just a place where I post my long form thoughts and opinions on different things. Maybe if my writing ever turns into something I will have it evolve once again. But until then, this is what it has become.


The side-bar on the right contains all of the information needed to find posts by topic, by date, and by subscription. The side-bar on the left of the screen contains all of my social media updates and links that are relevant. All of the pages across the top will take you to my contact information, my book recommendations, a list of what I’m currently reading, my posts, and my writing projects.


Disclaimer 1: I have not been paid for any reviews. I do not get paid for anything I post.

Disclaimer 2: I do not edit any of my posts. They are all just stream of consciousness kind of things. So if they are worded poorly or if they have typos, that is why. Usually it is because my brain moves faster than my fingers and forms five different versions of the same sentence resulting in a combination of all of them. Sometimes it’s just that I’m tired and/or distracted by the other people who live in my house.


For the month of October I will donate $2 of every 5 earned to charity. $1 each to a Breast Cancer charity and a Domestic Violence charity. Head over to the About Me sections for links. (Charities will be chosen at the end of the month).


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